Football Training Update

We will be playing games home and away, with good teams.

When: we will be traveling by minibus Wednesday afternoon.

At home owing to several boys going to professional and semi pro clubs.

We still recruiting semi pro and professional players, also good standard players who have already been in the the academy system.

Denis head coach 07722102777
Roehampton football academy SW15 5BW


Sept Oct 2019 Roehampton Football Training ⚽️

Football training three days a week in London. Location: Roehampton Playing fields: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 4pm – 6pm. Roehampton Football Community Academy. Dover House Road. Sept – October winter season 2019.

Roehampton Football Academy: If you consider yourself a talented player and looking for quality training your at the right place. I am a fully qualified FA coach, we’re fully insured and have been coaching semi/pro football players for over ten years in the Wandsworth Borough.

This year we train 4pm – 6pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday’s.

Confirm your attendance by text or phone.

Starts Monday with limited spaces per sessions and slots for players.

The age group is 18-23 and we quickly assess if you are pro standard or semi and big opportunities are available. Good outlets for the right candidates.

We will play a Premier League team at a very good showcase. Training is in Roehampton we also support local talent. We would like to hear from you, so if you can make it Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 4 pm till 6pm come along, is free be early please. Denis – Head coach “we do not charge for the coaching. As it is funded, but please no time wasters”. For men and women we help getting back in to professional and semi professional clubs.

Evaluation and Attendees Report

Denis here from Roehampton Football Academy. Just sending you the Evaluation and Attendees Report as requested. Evaluation Good time keeping, discipline, collecting equipment after sessions. Ethnic minorities guys all doing skills to there capacity. Good camaraderie between and after sessions. Vast improvement with the participation attending on time regularly. Skill and drills showing up in games. Achievements Two boys after a showcase game were invited to a professional club in the Middle East. They just waiting for their Visas. Two boys going to a non League team in Hitchin Town, Southern Premier League. Trying to get a young French boy into Academy who’s lives local. Emma is a lady who is training now with QPR attended regularly for a few years now after getting the higher level training. Some of the boys were advised to get work as a means keeping themselves busy in their spare time. And also to keep themselves self supporting and they are welcome on the Academy when they are not working. We have quite a lot of students and University students who are moving onto further education etc. The games we have played have been played in a good spirit and we have good reports i.e. being sports men from managing officials of the club. The boys are very respectable and a credit to their countries and cultures. Summary As respect to the funders request we improved our recruiting strategy and have put flyers for recruitment around Wandsworth. we are trying to get people from Wandsworth and Richmond areas. We started by 2nd of September Winter season. I.D. Verde grounds renters putting new goal posts in, doing the grounds and various renovations which should be ready for the next period. We hope for a few games at Roehampton and away as well. In the future we will need funding for pitch fees, referees, mini buses and recruiting new football coaches. Evaluation Attendees Regular Attendees from SW15: 62 Students who live nearby: 59 Outsiders of Wandsworth Borough: 47 Plus Game Attendees Hayes FC 20 Battersea Ironside 20 Elite Academy 15 Carshalton FC 7

Summer 2019 Roehampton Football Academy

This entry is a diary of the past couple of weeks of the season. We will be back in September for Winter training.

Yesterday we played Hayes Afc at their ground. It was a good game with Eddie and Ali playing wide left and open. Hayes had the upper hand we give a sloppy first half which Vladd should as our goalkeeper had unforeseen challenges when a possible free kick was given against him. The striker took the ball out of his hand. Eddie tried to make it one one. We actually recovered and went 2 1 in lead. The game started to turn their way again, we started to turn with Ali, Eddie and Prince going close on occasion to winning, then they scored again against the run of play 2 – 2. Our defence was coping well, it looked like it was over only before went in-front. Ali beat his marker, cut in and made a-low shot iup right, very unlucky. The middle field was dominant and there was an accident where we were got an offside decision. Vladd took a quick free kick and found Ali who got over of the defence to prince our striker who beat the defence to slot the ball into the net.

The referee had signalled play on and also said it was a goal. Hayes players surrounded the referee at the centre spot and she dissallowed it later. It went really close. luciodio went close to head into back of the net alll football I was completely happy nas and brother play well Vlad in goal and is distribution good the rest well done good evening to complete unbeaten run this season our manegment jake and Marlon our did great job together with denis head coach roll next game training as Usual mon tue thur 4 pm till 6pm Denis postcode Sw15 5bw No retreat no surrender club motto.

We had a good game last week with a very strong team come out well did not put our team just a couple of players good we have interview from agent who looking to take several boys to go to Middle East for professional club And Friday three of the acdemy will play I. A top show at Paddington. Recreation 7 30 pm this will be a top game so scout and manger for clubs come down and see what on show next week we get some from Belgium the academy flying at the moment the number and we just got a few spaces left as some boys will be in clubs Denis is never of the mobile but it worth becuase when the game and the players who come then. It no big deal Eddie as been doing well with the drills and it been paying dividends well done Eddie plenty to more to come if players and are good and want improve the Roehampton academy is the one for you Denis Booth head coach.

Women are allowed ie player the funder is now a unisex academy we have got one girl on there Emma She been training hard with the boys and done well she considers herself as a person who can play football in own rights now she trains at Queens Park Rangers (QPR) good luck Emma, well done she started on the Academy about two years since 👍⚽ she and her brother Daniel were on here. He is also doing really great it just mixes with the other boys and also has a lot of potential. ⚽👍
Some academy boys were involved in a game with Carshalton Athletic a Ryman’s premier team, they all did well and one has been scouted to go to the Middle East club. It was a very good high intensity game which went in there favour 2 – 1. But still even though we lost we all really enjoyed it. Some of the Academy boys who played for example Nej got scouted whilst playing got something more than our academy promises. Luciodio was man of the match playing centre back what a prospect. Play was well above average. All in all it was a good night and credit all the boys.

Everyone this past few weeks who attended was given this opportunity to play, also thanks to Carshalton for letting us use their ground, you in football Denis.

And sorry armel Lazio football team thank man one great. Good night Denis Roehampton football academy. That they played for Lazdo.

The Academy June 2019

Trails tomorrow prince George plains field Raynes Park 7 30 game Saturday.

We are starting on Monday 10th June training. This week there are a couple of games, read this article for full update so far.

Quadran Verde Issue soon very good twelve weeks. We had 320 attendees and played four friendly games.

Two guys and four profession for trails and several due for to go to semi pro club we are taking a few and will be doing preseason link up with quiet a few good clubs. We’ll push boys as soon as they are ready, coaches decisions. Don’t miss out this academy has proven quality and we are about football telephone Denis 07722102777 head coach 👍⚽️⚽️⚽️👌

We believe football is the greatest game in the world and it belongs to the world for all nationalities at this academy.

We have proved it time and time again with what the players brought on the day at showcases. From then going on to successful careers.

There are trails tomorrow at Prince George, plains field Raynes Park 7.30 am and another game Saturday June 8th.

The game will be filmed and the footage from Saturday can go on your CV. You should train tomorrow to be considered for Saturday’s game.

Yours in Sports, Denis Head Coach.

April – May 2019 Football Opportunities In London

Thu 2 May 2019 8pm at the Selhurst Sports Arena SE25 5PH. You must register by Saturday 27 April 2019 to take part . If you are aged 16-25 with evidence that you are at least semi pro standard – click here for your registration form . …..

Start Again🌟 In June 2019

We have a good couple months which has been fruitful, all the staff has been happy with the play and result.

We hope to play a showcase on 2 May 8 pm till 10 pm we are hoping to get some very good players we had quiet a few of inquires so looking and we will invite pro clubs to come and look we like thank our finders wandsworth big lottery For give a start we in debt to them We be staring begin of June probally evenings so if Budding players out there we welcome you to our acdemy www reohampton. Fa acdemy – co . Uk Switch on this your oppertunaty denis coach