Unsung Heroes Part Two

Denis got phone calls of clubs to take players down after training he was always with them whether it was Basingstoke, Hayes and Yeading.

One day we went to Dorchester who was then playing for conference South. He took three players down for trials and the manager liked all of them but unfortunately they played a local cup game against Weymouth. Dorchester got beat and the manager got the sack.

So it goes on sometimes players get injuries when playing games. Denis would always take them up to the A & E. One day a year ago many years ago when he was involved with Roehampton youth 14 one division and coach under fourteen one of the boys got hurt i.e. he received a head injury took him up to Kingston Hospital as it was a head injury. He waited seven hours for his parents to take over.

And also phone the boys parents. There is nothing around football that Denis has not been involved in around football maturing numerous phone to clubs for trials. So much experience as you can imagine.

Organising friendly games, taking boys for food in a cafe before and after the game. Making sure they get home safe and sound. Always with them for trials or games coming back as late as one o’clock in the morning.

When he was at Aldershot he would be getting up at five o’clock Saturday to get down to place like. Bathe, Bristol, Leicester, Weymouth etc all over South West of England. Down to Cardiff, Eastleigh nothing was to far or to long.

When he was at Fulham Denis used to Coach Paddock school in Drury Lane. Special difficult boys and girls with learning problems, also Bollingsbroke School, Wandsworth for deaf and dumb.

He also did a Saturday club on his beloved Roehampton Playing field, Dover House Road where he got to know parents and children, organised friendly’s and develop football teams.

They were always noted for playing football the right way. Later on when he started to own academy,  several players made it. All to professional clubs. Anybody who was in to football was always ready to talk to him about it.

Also he became a bit of a legend around Roehampton.

Denis had a set back around seventeen years ago. He was playing football down at Rocks Lane, Barnes. but he felt ill breathing and sickness. So he went to Queen Mary’s hospital.

They transferred him to Kingston with a heart attack. He remained in critical care for one week. After the care he came out, he was not allowed to coach for one year. But that did not stop him.

Denis was back and up and running. Ten years ago he started Roehampton Football Academy and has been going every week since. at the beginning of the unsung heroes we told you about the Denis always evergreen.

Last year Denis had twelve hundred forty six attendees pass through the academy and has got a reputation world wide with every nationality of the world. They have all been on. So just like to say football is and always will be the best game in the world for me and billions of others. Below is a photograph taken recently with Pat Holland an ex West Ham United player and now a good coach. This is at the London Coaches association at Leyton Orient, East London.

Also I thank to help of players, coaching staff, scouts and Managers. Also London FA coaches association for the friendship and fellowship efforts, anyone who I may of come across also my understanding wife and friends.

Just to bring it up to date, knee’s are better after very painful arthritis.  Considering his age as well he has given it careful consideration to get involved more.

As thought it best to return so he will just be doing contact work and begun the season as he got some great contacts in football.

The fruit I have learned

In Love is through game of

foot ball Children youth

Men & Parents it not

Just a Game Its live

and learning to live and


The football is round in shape and that is why it is for the world to enjoy. All the world’s nations and nationalities players to enjoy the game.


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