Unsung Heroes Part 3

This is Unsung Heroes Part 3: by Denis Booth Roehampton football academies head coach. You can catch up on other installments here, here and here. This includes literature to read and videos of Denis addressing anyone interested in improving their game over the past couple of years of this websites visibility online.

They are false people who fill you up with crap, who get loads of money. They also make war with fear and propaganda. So as to keep the armed forces occupied, taxes up and lie for the expenses to take money of public.

British football promotes healthy living through being true to yourself, honesty helping mankind getting into good habits, passing, keeping out of bad habits and trusting God.

Clean house, help others, trust God in everything you do! Look now is the time to do the third part of unsung heroes. When money become a problems and the government are pricing the working class people out helping one another in sports.

Healthy living is keeping them excessive, prone to drink & drugging. Going down that slipways road to self disruption and crime. Doing something they are passionate and good at may be the one chance they need to change their lives around. Along comes some Good Samaritan with plan of action who spend time and energy in helping them. To only be cut down through the money costs of running events in the community. The overheads and prices have been raised. Raised pricing is edging the working class people out of helping because perhaps of power and money.

Which means we are now buried in frustration. What to do? Where to go? So with that said I have to announce ten great years come to a sad end. The good things and the achievement count for nothing. With these bureaucrats they are just yes people who are like puppets. God forgive them for they no what they are doing to society. There isn’t and never will be security !!! What they try to do to mankind is inhuman.  ☮✝☮✝

What did Denis do after he got city guild for sport and recreation? He use them straight away, refereeing for 17 years and then got his coaching licence. Denis spent six good years at Fulham FC community coach at Fulham he gained lot of experience also refereeing, doing six six aside and tournaments before the main games started. He used to go down to the Paddock School for special needs children. He loved those sessions and made sure to give them sessions they enjoyed. Whilst in-between other coaching. With lots of Brazilian football at primary school Richmond to Teddington’ Barnes, Sheen, later on he forecast on Roehampton Dover house youth inclusion program. Crime concern for five years. All the time thinking about what more he can do for is fellow men’and women.

Since then he has been doing his best for the Football Academy by phoning football players up from all over the world. China, Eastern Europe, French, Africa: north, east, west and south Asians. Afghanistan, Australians, New Zealand and many more. Ireland: North and southern. Nothing was to hard or to long in time and energy.

Passion & love for what he was doing frist thing in morning to last thing at night. Taking for trails to playing games. Making sure they where fed and got home okay. Do you know what the embrassment start to come when money funds dry. Luckily a small amount of last years academy’s money is available and has rolled over from 2013 & 14. Unfortunately the price to hire the pitch has nearly trebled. We will not be able to continue for more than a month in 2016. They can not take the effort or spirt ever one as gone onto better thing playing coaching working managing teams motto ‘No Retreat, No Surrender’. That said if there is any good Samaritan out there who is willing to financially help we waiting for you.

Thanks for reading Unsung Heroes Part 3.

Yours in sport & love of the game, Denis Booth Head Coach.


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