Roehampton Football Academy has changed location

Roehampton Football Academy has changed location.

If you consider yourself a talented player and looking for quality training your at the right place. I am a fully qualified FA coach and have been coaching semi/pro football players for over ten years in the Wandsworth Borough.

This year coach Alan Bastel is back and you can also telphone him his number is: 07821801861.

This year we train 1pm – 3.30pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday’s on Wimbledon Common. Look for Asda in Putney Vale , Asda, get bus no 85, 265 from Putney headed for Kingston. 85 265 goes through Tollworth and the field is near a big Asda supermarket.

Wimbledon Common Richardson Memorial Ground is a great location, perfect for training on.

Confirm your attendance by text or phone.

Starts Monday with limited spaces per sessions and slots for players. Call or text myself or Alan Bastel on 07821801861.

The age group is 16 -22 and we quickly assess if you are pro standard or semi and big opportunities are available. Good outlets for the right candidates.

Yours in Sports,
Head Coach Denis Booth.Roehampton Football Academy 2017


Academy is closed until Feb 2016

The Academy is closed till February pending funding. November has been a productive month and we will talk about that as well. Basically all the boys who came to the Academy went on directly and indirectly to clubs via Head Coach. Coming up in the future we hoping to get a showcase with the under 21’s from Chelmsford City FC.

Next year what we hope to do and what we will definitely do

We got people from Germany, France and Africa. We have received lots of inquires about the Academy and what we are doing along with all the good positive feedback. So all being well next year be another successful season. We also got a lot of positive links with clubs and we thank them for their assistance and information. Next year we will be including females and people with disabilities also they will be coached separately and we are hoping to expand the staff.

Special thanks and credits to the people who supported us

This is a special thank you to all who came to the Academy in Roehampton FA to play football and take opportunity to get back into playing professionally. Special thanks to all the clubs who we played this year, let’s play next year. Thank you Sports England for support 2013 – 2014 and we are submitting applications for 2016 and our sponsors.

This Academy is a unique and we are charity based a lot of which comes from my own pocket. I really got say this has come from my heart. I have so much passion for this game. I have coached in the Amazon’s of Brazil, Stanterem and been privileged to go the Marciano in Rio the largest stadium in the world. Coaching on video San Francisco men’s football club back in 1993, 1996 and 1997 three times since.

Yours in love and sports Head Coach, Dennis Booth.