Last Week of Roehampton Football Academy Head Coach Needed

This is head coach Denis Booth. Next week is the last week of service at Roehampton Football Academy. We are looking for a new Head Coach to take over. It’s perfect opportunity for managers with a license to coach football because all the equipment, storage space and over ten players awaiting training.

Last week we trained on Barnes common because of Sports Day. The pitch was fully booked in advance for these events which lasted a few days that clashed with days we trained. It worked out well, we still trained and played football.

The only downside snag training on Barnes Common is due to sunny weather the grass is dryer than Roehampton Football Field, we had to carry equipment a bit further than usual. And no changing rooms for shower afterwards.

The next Roehampton Football Manager will have to be keen. The great thing is all the bibs, halls and cones are available to use. Hence this perhaps final advertisement. My number is on the website take action as soon as possible. I need to speak to you to find out whether you are a good fit.

In 22 years of coaching I have learned a lot and will be available for consultation if the next Head Coach needs any guidance. Due to age and recent bad health I regret to say I will be standing down next week.

We have a strong following of successful attend dees who many as documented here have gone on to better things.

Roehampton Football Academy has these past ten years built a good reputation for helping 16 – 25 yrs old players to get back into professional football teams. There is a window of opportunity for you to get involved. If you want to run your ready made Academy with all the bells and whistles get in touch immediately please. We have all the kit, the space, all we needs is a reliable Head Coach to take over and continue the good work.