Roehampton Football Academy has changed location

Roehampton Football Academy has changed location.

If you consider yourself a talented player and looking for quality training your at the right place. I am a fully qualified FA coach and have been coaching semi/pro football players for over ten years in the Wandsworth Borough.

This year coach Alan Bastel is back and you can also telphone him his number is: 07821801861.

This year we train 1pm – 3.30pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday’s on Wimbledon Common. Look for Asda in Putney Vale , Asda, get bus no 85, 265 from Putney headed for Kingston. 85 265 goes through Tollworth and the field is near a big Asda supermarket.

Wimbledon Common Richardson Memorial Ground is a great location, perfect for training on.

Confirm your attendance by text or phone.

Starts Monday with limited spaces per sessions and slots for players. Call or text myself or Alan Bastel on 07821801861.

The age group is 16 -22 and we quickly assess if you are pro standard or semi and big opportunities are available. Good outlets for the right candidates.

Yours in Sports,
Head Coach Denis Booth.Roehampton Football Academy 2017


Finishing 20-8-15 Start Back 7-9-15

Finishing 20-8-15 Start Back 7-9-15 Training M, Tu, Th

Looking for several good players semi pro or professional to blend in with the players who are already there. Short training time before push on. Must contact head coach or turn up Roehampton Dover House Road, SW15 5BP.

Dennis Booth 07722102777

Training Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 1 – 3pm.

Several players have responded need to be contacted from France, New Zealand and a couple of other places.

News after seven weeks of training

Most of the boys are fit and ready to realistically go into clubs, we had a scout on from Charlton and he was impressed by the level and the consistency the boys play in. Good drill sprinting stamina sessions and two touch football. Together with technical abilities, some of the boys have shown an developed.

Looking forward for rest sessions. Had several phone calls from abroad as far of as Brazil, Africa also from France and Spain. East Europe Somalia. If you are really interested please contact Roehampton Academy Head Coach Dennis Booth. You will find his number on this website or somewhere in the ad section of where ever you read guiding you here. You can phone or text.

Looking forward two weeks rest. Couple of weeks of root reinvigorate and coming back September 7th Monday 2015. Some videos were recorded this week on the tablet and at some point my hope is to upload these to YouTube or website. The sessions include examples of: Two Touch, Two Goal Drill, Ball Work and sprinting high intensity.